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Hi! My name is Tanner Baldus. I'm passionate about designing modular, reusable and maintainable code. Recently, I was a Junior Software Engineer at Ridecell where I helped launch BMW ReachNow in Seattle. I graduated from the University of Oregon and have held many teaching roles in including: TA @ UO Instructor @ iD Tech Teacher @ Thinkersmith, Teacher's Aide @ Co-op Family Center and Moss Street Children's Center . I always try to leave code better at least a little better than I found it. I'm always looking for new stuff to learn and new projects to work on so contact me!


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A Django app to improve the course search experience by giving students better search filters and embedding instructor ratings into course descriptions.
Wrote a module to wrangle data from the current U of Oregon course webpage in a functional style.
Extended the Selenium webdriver to wrangle instructor evaluation data to behind student login.
Created functions to update an arbitrary model’s many to many field given a list of kwargs.
Currently working on: integrating whoosh search, a RESTful api and the front end.
Languages/Tools: Python, Django

Get Lucky

Project Page

Ever get your SO/ hot date/ that bartender that kinda looks like Ryan Gosling back to your place and when you go to put on some sweet jams have the mood dampened by the time it takes to open up your browser, find a playlist and then click play?
Enter Get Lucky, a command line interface that uses Songza to quickly set the mood
Language: Python


Created for CIS 210 Intro to CS at the University of Oregon, CodeCheck is an autograding software designed to reinforce CS concepts taught in lecture.
Using the Python subprocess module CodeCheck runs student Python scripts, and compares the output against multiple test cases. If the output is correct, CodeCheck will provide the student with a unique token otherwise it will display the difference the student's output and expected output.
Languages: Python HTML/CSS

Lady Lazarus

Worked on a small team to develop a puzzle platformer based on the Sylvia Plath poem Lady Lazarus where the player must die to gain new powers and complete the level. i.e. If the player is killed by fire they are resurrected with the ability to run faster.
Implemented character architecture, using the State Pattern to change the player's death powers. The states were changed via a Visitor pattern which took care collisions (hence deaths) as to leave game objects loosely coupled.
Language: C++

DNA Dance

Parsed GenBank files using BioPython to drive Maya Autodesk animations via genetic sequences.Created two animation styles, one where genetic sequences drove the scale and one where the sequence drove the glow property of blinn shaders.
Language/Tools: Python Maya Autodesk